Tuesday, 19 February 2013

We purchased this Charlottetown Colonial Revival Home in the early summer of 2011 in an estate sale.  It had been built in the late 1800's or very early 1900's by William and Nellie Rowe.  Willie owned a woodworking company and Nellie was a piano teacher.  They took great pride in their home with many very detailed woodworking highlights.  Over the years with new owners, it had been turned into a 3-apartment complex.  Fortunately, the changes did not deface its original 'good bones'.   This is what attracted us.  We could see that despite its rundown condition, this house had wonderful character and could be restored to its original grandeur.  After researching the history of this property and finding out that we were best friends with the great grandson of Willie and Nellie, we decided to buy it and to give it New Beginnings.  The following is our 19-month very enjoyable journey of restoration.

Walls removed to restore it to one unit:

Third floor apartment totally gutted.

2nd floor apartment opened up.

New dormer constructed to connect the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Old chimney and fireplace totally removed.  Behind the bricks were tarred timbers which miraculously had not burst into flames over the years.  The mortar in the bricks literally crumbed in our hands.

Outside:  Old back fire escapes removed and new basement put in for an extension to house a new kitchen.
Wow!  Finally some walls going up instead of coming down!

Changes to the western side of the house.   New roof on side verandah.

More walls coming down in back area of house that will open into new kitchen.
3rd floor totally now opened right to the outer boards.

50 Tons of laths, plaster, old wiring etc. etc. taken to The Dump
Blown in insulation in every 'little nook and cranny'.

Lots of new wires.
Yahoo!  Drywall!
New Stairway to 3rd floor

Main stairway restored to original position.  Lights hooked up. Floors refinished.
Old side verandah being replaced.
New kitchen taking shape.
Cupboards being installed.
Woodwork being restored.

More woodwork!
Cast iron rads getting prepped for restoration.
New pillars and new side verandah and a great new color!
New main fireplace.
Old Garage.
New Garage.

New fences.

 After (almost done)
Before Mstr. Bedroom
After Mstr. Bedroom

Old Entrance
New Entrance
One of the old bathrooms
One of the new bathrooms
Old Kitchen
A brand new kitchen
New Garden Room

New Library
New Bedrooms

A New Home with New Beginnings.

 "To us, our house...has a heart and soul.  It is of us, and we are in its confidence and live in its grace and in the peace of its benediction."-adapted from Mark Twain

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  1. I love the furniture in the Library. Beautiful taste throughout! Thank you for sharing your home and I pray it will have sunshine inside forever.